Who we are?

The late Mr. Akhila Nand Singh founded Raj Mineral Works, in the year 1952. While working with Kohinoor Glass Work he realized the purity and potential of Quartz sand over the natural sand for manufacturing glass. The silica content in the Quartz stones is 99% as compared to 90% in natural sand. This property devoid it from impurities and left no bubbles. The management team of Kohinoor Glass encouraged the finding of Mr. A.N. Singh, and Quartz sand was used in manufacturing of quality glass products. The process became very popular. The promising response shown by his invention motivated the enterprising Mr. Singh to start his own venture. This he named as Raj Mineral Works. The keen mind of the founder was anxious to give the market the best. This eagerness led in building the first edge runner machine that helped increase production by bringing down the wastage. The wastage was present in the form of hard and semi-hard stones that were thrown away as they were not used for pounding. Mr. A. N. Singh also discovered and popularized the use of Feldspar. His intelligence and hard work nurtured the company and gave a strong foundation for the present glory. He was also a first rate Glass technologist and imparted his knowledge on minerals to his fellow team members. Mr. A. N. Singh passed away in the year 1993. Raj Mineral Works is now managed by his able son Anand Raj Singh. The modernistic approach shown in the working has given the statistic of the company a brilliant upward move.

Moving with time

The success is the face of a company. Behind any success it is the able planning by the members that counts. After the demise of the late Mr. A. N. Singh, his son Anand Raj Singh handle the management of Raj Mineral Works. Mr. Anand Raj started looking after his father’s business at a very young age. His perfect knowledge of the business and the foresight to see the requirement of modern technology has given the company a fully automated processing unit.


He has also installed better machines with superior technology with which he has achieved higher production with zero maintenance. It is the achievements received through hard work that makes the members of our Raj Mineral Works feel uplifted. The dedication and focus have earned us awards and accolades from different sections. The Mine Safety Department of the Government of India has awarded us for the care and safety we maintain while mining. There are many other awards too that make the members of Raj proud.

We as a corporate group understands our responsibilities towards the society at large. this strives to earn the trust of all with whom we interacts, whether it is the employees, the communities we lives and works with, the governments or any other persons or parties with whom we engage in the sustainable development. It is with this understanding that we have set a Thermax Pulse Jet System for enabling pollution free environment. our relation with employees and people reflects the realization of social responsibility.