Raj Mineral Works was founded in 1952 by the late Mr. Akhila Nand Singh. He was born in 1917 in Sonapalli in the district of Ballia, U.P. He started work in Mahalaxmi Glass Works, Bombay after obtaining a degree in Glass Technology from the Banaras Hindu University. He came to Hyderabad in 1946 after joining Kohinoor Glass Works.

At the time when Glass was being produced with natural sand, A.N. Singh realised the purity and potential of Quartz sand in manufacturing quality glass. Quartz stones possessed over 99% silica (as compared to 90% in Natural sand) and therefore had no impurities and left no bubbles. Encouragement from the Kohinoor management led to experimenting with calcinations of the Quartz stone so that it could be easily crushed into quartz sand. The use of Quartz sand led to the manufacturing of quality Glass products. The process soon became very popular and many other manufacturers started to copy it. The demand that his invention created motivated the enterprising Mr. Singh to venture out on his own leading to the establishment of Raj Mineral Works.

Mr. Singh did not stop at that. He also helped build the first edge runner machine which helped increase production by bringing down the wastage that was present in the form of hard and semi-hard stones that were thrown away as they were not suitable for pounding. He also discovered and popularised the use of Feldspar. Not only was he was an intelligent and hard working man but also a first rate Glass Technologist who educated his fellow technologists about the uses of the various minerals.

The first factory was set up at Borampet village in Rangareddy district in 1958 near the mine taken on lease from the Government on Andhra Pradesh. This was later shut down in 1978 due to total extraction of Quartz and expiry on mining lease. The second and third factory was set up in Sanathnagar and Hydernagar village respectively in 1960. Another mine was taken in Mallepally Terpole village in Medak district in 1969. In 1983, the process of calcination was shut down as due to the high prices of coal and also introduction of new machines that allowed the stones to be directly crushed.

Mr. Singh passed away on the 29th August 1993 leaving behind a glorious past and unblemished name in the hearts of everyone who came in touch with him. His courage, determination and foresight helped in setting up the Quartz and Feldspar industry in Hyderabad.