The mineral Quartz is found in many forms such as, crystal, silica, sand stone, Tripoli, diatominte, flint, opal agate, quartizite fachsite (green quartzite), etc. and many others depending upon the color. Based on color the name includes purple quartz (amethyst), smoky quartz, yellow quartz or false topaz (cibine rose quartz and milky quartz).


  • Pure quartz has property of piezoelectric.
  • It expands under the influence of electric current and vice versa.
  • The pressure induces a measurable electric current.

This property is known as Piezoelectricity.

High Purity grade:
SiO2: 99.95% min – 99.9% min
Fe2O3: 3ppm max – 30ppm max
Size: 2-200 mesh high purity silica sand, quartz stone
Deliberated grade:
SiO2: 99.8% min – 99.0% min
Fe2O3: 50ppm max – 0.03% max
Size: 2-325 mesh

SiO2: 99.95 min
Fe2O3: 50ppm max
Al2O3: 0.03% max
Size: 5-100 mesh

Special grade
SiO2: 99.9% min
1st grade:
SiO2: 99.8% min
Fe2O3: 0.004% max
2nd grade:
SiO2: 99.7% min
Fe2O3: 0.008% min
3rd grade:
SiO2: 99.5% min
Fe2O3: 0.03% min

SiO2: 99.5% min – 99.0% min
Fe203: 0.02% max
Al203: 0.3% max
Size: 200 – 800 mesh

SiO2: 99.9% max
Fe203: 50ppm max
Size: 2 – 325 mesh